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Every organization which deals with a large number of customers and employees usually has some set terms and conditions of service. This helps to guide and regulate the relationship among the contractor, employees and the client avoiding any kind of conflict which may arise.

For effective and efficient cleaning services, Fast Cleaners Hammersmith Fulham have their own terms and conditions which must be adhered and followed to the point. We offer professional cleaning to private homes, companies and residential places. All our terms apply to our entire clients without favouring or discriminating any.

These terms of service keep changing with time, thus new terms or condition may be introduced or, some old terms may be eliminated. However, this alteration in terms and conditions, if any, will not affect any ongoing contracts but will apply to new contracts.

You can always get a copy of our terms of service from our offices or just access them online anytime. Our cleaning services can be ordered online, by telephone, email and fax but the client have to read thoroughly and agree on the terms and conditions before any valid contract can be entered.

The terms and conditions in general include,

1. Unlimited access to facilities – The customer must grant unlimited access to facilities and resources required to execute the task effectively and efficiently within limited time possible. The resources may include water (cold or hot) and power.

2. Our professional cleaners have full public liability cover. This means that we can always process all claims which are timely and properly notified as per the terms.

3. On an extra charge, Fast Cleaners will provide all cleaning machines, materials and equipment as demanded by the client.

4. Permanent and old stains on carpet will not be guaranteed if they fail to be removed by the usual carpet cleaning techniques. NB. We notify you of such stains before starting.

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